Step by step guide

The purpose of this guide is to explain ANU website building process. It is a 4-step guide that covers from website initialisation to ongoing web maintenance.


This guide takes you through the steps in creating an ANU website, from familiarising yourself with the ANU web environment and registering your site to requesting approval and going live.

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1. Learning about the ANU web environment

Familiarise yourself with the ANU web environment.


2. Registering your site with an ID

Before starting to build a new ANU site, you should register your site with us by requesting a Site ID.


3. Preparing your content

Prepare content which interests your audience, using simple, clear language.


4. Organising web hosting & URLs

Before you can start building your site, you will need to organise web hosting.


5. Building your site

Build your site in your chosen system, bearing in mind the checklist for publication approval.


6. Requesting approval & planning to go live

Before going live with your site, it needs to be approved by the Marketing Office web team. Please allow at least five business days for us to review your site.