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The mega-menu is available for use on College sites. It contains several elements that you can customise for your website:

  1. Menu tabs: each menu tab must be unique and clearly summarise a section or page of your site, with no more than eight menu items. Before using menu tabs, the site's information architecture (site structure) must be considered and planned.
  2. Login/Logout button: is an optional feature for your site should you choose to have secure content.
  3. Menu tab description: provides a link to the section's landing page and a brief description of what the section contains, as to allow users to quickly and easily navigate through the site and find content.
  4. Menu tab links: are links to each of the pages within a section of the site. You may have up to 12 menu items. As with the menu tabs, the site's information architecture must be considered and planned.
  5. Feature story: may be included in the menu to highlight an item of interest. The feature story must not be used for primary website navigation, static images, or stories which appear permanently or for long periods of time (as these aren't really features). Feature images should not include any text and should not contain logos .

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The page that is currently open on the website is indicated on the menu with a white background. If your site has its URL structure and breadcrumbs set up correctly, then the default ACTON theme would take care of the styling.

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The old format suggested having a menu area that appears on the left side of each website within a narrow column. For advice regarding that old menu format and the rules associated with that layout, please refer to the relevant page.

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