ANU has sets of standard icons for use in webpages and applications. If you require an icon that is not in this collection, please contact us to organise an icon suitable for your needs.

Social media icons & profile images

Social media share and follow icons, and profile images are available for all social media sites, from Twitter and Facebook to Flickr and Skype.

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RSS feed icons


Refer to the rules around placement of icons for RSS feeds. A number of different size icons are available.

Crest icon (iPhones & other applications)

ANU crest The ANU crest may only be used for iPhone applications and other similar application launch or shortcut icons. The crest is available in a number of sizes depending on how it will be used.

Please contact us to get the size most appropriate for your needs.

Mobile application stores

Rules for linking to the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store are subject to change, as is the icon used to represent these online repositories. To make it easier for you to keep up-to-date with the icon, we will provide correct examples below, using icons which are hosted on the central server, and classes which produce appropriate sizes.

A few points to note in the code snippets below:

  • the large icon should never be used in a 'narrow' grid column as this will cause layout problems
  • the URL should link to your specific mobile app

iTunes App Store

Download on the App Store
<a href="https://itunes.apple.com/...">
  <img src="//style.anu.edu.au/_anu/images/icons/icon-app-store.png" class="icon-app-store" alt="Download on the App Store" />
Download on the App Store
<a href="https://itunes.apple.com/...">
  <img src="//style.anu.edu.au/_anu/images/icons/icon-app-store-small.png" class="icon-app-store-small" alt="Download on the App Store" />  

Google Play

Android app on Google Play
<a href="https://play.google.com/...">
  <img src="//style.anu.edu.au/_anu/images/icons/icon-android-app.png" class="icon-android-app" alt="Android app on Google Play" />  
Android app on Google Play
<a href="https://play.google.com/...">
  <img src="//style.anu.edu.au/_anu/images/icons/icon-android-app-small.png" class="icon-android-app-small" class="" alt="Android app on Google Play" />
Get it on Google Play
<a href="https://play.google.com/...">
  <img src="//style.anu.edu.au/_anu/images/icons/icon-google-play.png" class="icon-google-play" alt="Get it on Google Play" />
Get it on Google Play
<a href="https://play.google.com/...">
  <img src="//style.anu.edu.au/_anu/images/icons/icon-google-play-small.png" class="icon-google-play-small" alt="Get it on Google Play" />  

Graphic icons

Other icons are available in regular size (24x24px). The following show a small sample and their meaning within ANU.

As a general rule, the regular size icons are to be used on content pages. If smaller icons are required for use within applications or on dialog boxes and forms, please contact us.

Please contact us if you would like to use or develop an icon for a particular purpose. More icons will be added to this page as they're developed.

Lists of icons

Certain icons can be formatted in a horizontal or vertical list using the iconlist class.

course icon course, award, certificate, curriculum

information icon information help icon help alert icon warning, alert, caution, note

first icon first previous icon previous play icon play stop icon stop

pause icon pause next icon next last icon last home icon home

bus icon bus transport icon transport, taxi map icon map accommodation icon accommodation

person icon person people icon people Alliance icon Alliance operator icon operator profiles icon profiles

horus icon HORUS/ISIS wattle icon Wattle admin icon admin mail icon mail computer icon computer

tools icon tools, settings gear icon gear cycle icon cycle gateway icon gateway

date icon date, calendar add to calendar icon add to calendar timtetable icon timetable clock icon clock, time

thumb-up icon thumb-up thumb-down icon thumb-down talk icon talk, speech, comments

draw icon draw, write, pen, pencil note icon note checklist icon checklist link icon link

podcast iconpodcast presentation icon presentation projects icon Programs and Courses projects icon projects, planning

publications icon publications special journal issues icon special journal issues paper icon paper, article

books icon books chapters icon chapters serials icon serials, volumes audio icon audio

certificates icon certificates charts icon charts documents icon documents downloads icon downloads

presentations icon presentations video icon video web icon web zip icon zip files

Linked icons

When linking icons they should turn bronze on hover. To do this include a onmouseover and onmouseout as per the example below, replacing 'calendar-add' with the appropriate file name and the alt attribute.

add to calendar icon
 <img src="//style.anu.edu.au/_anu/images/icons/web/calendar-add.png" onmouseover="this.src='//style.anu.edu.au/_anu/images/icons/web/calendar-add-over.png'" onmouseout="this.src='//style.anu.edu.au/_anu/images/icons/web/calendar-add.png'" alt="Add to calendar" />  

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