Banner & mega-menu

A new format for ANU banners was released with the Services website in July 2015. Please contact so that we can assist you in converting your banner to the new format. Please note, the new format uses the full width grid layout.

Site banner

What is a website?

Each ANU website should have a unique banner and a unique menu set that operate as a matching pair.

The banner represents the name of the website and is generated by the site's ID. The menu represents the content of the website.

Banners cannot be 're-used' across multiple websites. If the Sitename, subheaders or utility menu changes this constitutes a new website, which requires a new banner.

Menus are fixed - the menu items should not change unless the banner changes. If the site name changes, the menu must also change.

The site banner contains several elements that you can customise for your website:

  1. Site name: the name of the website. Up to around 58 characters (including spaces). Full names are preferred over acronyms. Acronyms may be permissible for applications or systems intended for internal use where the system is commonly referred to by the acronym. In such cases, the acronym must be spelt out in full within the body of the first page. Also note that 'ANU' is rarely permitted as part of a banner title, as the University's name is already prominently displayed in the logo and is part of the URL.
  2. Subheaders (lines two and three): are reserved for indicating the organisational hierarchy responsible for the website. They can not be used for qualifiers, mottos or other explanatory statements.
    1. Line two can contain an Area, School, Department or other organisational unit as agreed to by the local area and College or Division administration. Line two may only be used in conjunction with line three. Line two may be empty if no unit is applicable.
    2. Line three must contain the College or Division name, except on:
      1. the main College or Division website
      2. joint initiative sites that are contributed to equally from across Colleges or Divisions
      3. sites intended for an external audience who may misinterpret the information presented if subheaders where used.
  3. Search box: the banner search now allows you to either search all ANU websites, staff and maps, or use the drop down to switch to searching current site content only. This may replace the existing site search located in the left-hand menu.
  4. Utility menu: is an optional additional menu used for tools and to highlight important pages. It is not a repeat of your menu or any menu items - if a page is listed in a menu, it must be removed before being placed in the Utility menu.
  5. Accent bar: the coloured bar at the bottom of the banner is the relevant College colour, or platinum for other sites.

All of these elements are defined when you are allocated a site ID number for your website. Your Site ID is used to automatically deliver the appropriate banner to you.


Site banner with mega-menu

The mega-menu is available for use on College sites. It contains several elements that you can customise for your website:

  1. Menu tabs: each menu tab must be unique and clearly summarise a section or page of your site, with no more than eight menu items. Before using menu tabs, the site's information architecture (site structure) must be considered and planned.
  2. Login/Logout button: is an optional feature for your site should you choose to have secure content.
  3. Menu tab description: provides a link to the section's landing page and a brief description of what the section contains, as to allow users to quickly and easily navigate through the site and find content.
  4. Menu tab links: are links to each of the pages within a section of the site. You may have up to 12 menu items. As with the menu tabs, the site's information architecture must be considered and planned.
  5. Feature story: may be included in the menu to highlight an item of interest. The feature story must not be used for primary website navigation, static images, or stories which appear permanently or for long periods of time (as these aren't really features). Feature images should not include any text and should not contain logos .

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