Alert bar

the alert bar is bright red with white text and appears above the banner

The alert bar should be used sparingly. It is designed to indicate environments that should not be publicly available (such as development, acceptance, test etc) and for limited site-wide alerts.

The alert bar should not be used for news and items of interest.

If you are unsure about proper use of the alert bar, please ask.


In the standard PHP templates, the alert bar can be enabled by editing the $BodyBanner variable in settings_site.php.

$BodyBanner = '<div id="devlmsg">THIS IS THE DEVELOPMENT VERSION OF THIS SITE</div>';

Different ids are available for different environments:

  • devlmsg – development environment (red banner)
  • acepmsg – acceptance environment (green banner)
  • testmsg – test environment (yellow banner)
  • archivemsg – archived environment (blue banner)

To remove the alert bar, set:

$BodyBanner = '';

If you are not using the standard PHP templates, you can implement the alert bar by placing the code

<div id="devlmsg">Your text</div>

directly underneath the <body> tag, where you can replace devlmsg with the appropriate id for the environment as listed above.

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