Update new styles & URLs

Instructions to update to the new branding styles

The Drupal environment at ANU is complex. There are many factors that influence a style rollout including:

  • Separate instances of Drupal
  • Different versions of Drupal
  • Use of independent servers outside of the main ANU web server
  • Use of modules/theme outside of ITS built and supported components
  • Use of in-line styling

It is because of these challenges, that a staged approach to implementing the new webstyles is required.

Process for updating:

  1. Review the style guidelines to become familiar with the new elements.
  2. Raise a ticket in Service Desk to indicate you are interested in converting your website to the new identity. Please include a link to your website for reference. Please note: Due to the number of websites within the ANU environment, any new requests for ANU identity support will be subject to a prioritisation process for MSRD/ITS assistance.
  3. Receive confirmation from MSRD/ITS that your website is good to proceed.
  4. Create a dev site by cloning your production site into a development environment.
    1. If you require a new dev site, please raise a Service Desk ticket for the Unix team.
    2. A dev site is required to provide you the opportunity to see how universal style changes will affect your site before you go-live.
    3. It will also help identify situations (pages, buttons, boxes) which have not been changed by the universal styles deployment. This can result from in-line styles that have been used, or anything specific to your website that isn’t in the Gateway site. Anything that remains unchanged will require manual adjustments.
  5. Once you have a dev site, and assuming you are using the current central acton theme, point your dev site to the new style server:
    1. Login to your dev site
    2. Go the Appearance -> Acton site profiles and change the URL to point to https://bootstrap-dev.anu.edu.au/_anu
    3. Flush the site cache by clicking on “Configuration > Performance"
    4. Click on “Clear all caches”
  6. If you don’t have access to change these settings, please let us know. You should immediately see changes to your dev site after following this process.
  7. Alert MSRD that you are now pointing to the new style server as a comment in your original Service Desk ticket.
    1. You must review your entire site to identify any pages that require manual implementation of the new style. This can occur where in-line styles or custom layouts have been used.
    2. It is strongly recommended that you keep a record of all URLs that require a manual change, what the change is, and the process to fix it.
    3. Download tools to your browser to check for Web accessibility (AA).
    4. After AA checks, alert MSRD that you are now pointing to the new style server as a comment in your original Service Desk ticket.
    5. FOR COLLEGES WITH NO WEB SUPPORT: Submit your manual fixes list to MSRD for review in order to assess the amount of support required to move the styles onto your live website. MSRD will provide a timeline for this.
  8. Once you have reviewed your site, and are comfortable with the manual fixes required, alert MSRD to provide a final review.
  9. To complete the go-live process, replicate all the manual fixes on to the live site.

Updated:  30 July 2021/ Responsible Officer:  Director Marketing/ Page Contact:  Webstyle