Upgrading from version 3

This guide is for ANU websites using the standard PHP templates – other websites in different content management systems (CMS) will have to wait until those systems have been updated.

If you are a developing a CMS within the University and wish to adapt the responsive design templates, please see these instructions for upgrading a CMS from version 3 and contact webstyle@anu.edu.au if you need assistance.

This guide for webmasters will assist developers to adapt their websites to better facilitate the new responsive design layouts.

There are only a few small edits to a couple of files, and then webmasters will be able to test layout changes in their own development or testing environments, before making the decision to permanently display the new version 4 design.

Get the PHP templates

  1. Download the latest PHP templates (ZIP, 30kB) file from the WPG Resources in Alliance onto your computer
  2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file into a temporary folder on your computer.

Replace config.php

  1. Make a backup copy of your site's current config.php file (if it has one).
  2. Replace config.php in your development environment with the file from the new PHP templates.

Edit & replace settings_site.php

  1. Make a backup copy of your site's current settings_site.php file (or config_template.php if you are on an older version of templates).
  2. In your development environment, replace settings_site.php (or config_template.php) with the settings_site.php file from the new PHP templates.
  3. Copy the values of the variables ($id, $SiteShortName, etc) from your backup file into the new file. Only fill in values for the variables which are in the new file. Do not change the variable names in the new file or add or remove variables. For the $RespOfficerContact and $SiteContact variables, ensure that you do not use mailto: in the values.
  4. Change the $qs_arg variable to version 4 temporarily (once you've finished testing, we will set the version to 4 centrally). That is, in the new file, change $qs_arg = ''; to $qs_arg = '&ver=4;'

Edit & replace menu.php

  1. Make a backup copy of your site's current menu.php file (or menu_template.php if you are using an older version of the templates)
  2. In your development environment, replace menu.php (or menu_template.php) with the menu.php file from the new PHP templates.
  3. Copy your site's menu list (from <!-- Start of Menu 1--> to <!--End of Menu #n-->) from your backup file into the new file.

Replace features.php & check function calls

  1. Make a backup copy of your site's current features.php file.
  2. Replace features.php in your development environment with the file from the new PHP templates.
  3. Check that the webpage on which the feature should appear uses the following code:
    include ('features.php');

    or one of these alternative feature designs:

    See the features installation page for further details.

Carefully assess your site

  1. Now that you have completed the upgrade to version 4 in your development environment, you should review your content on multiple devices to ensure that your website looks and works as expected.

    To assist you with fixing any issues, please familiarise yourself with the how your layout will adapt to the screen size and classes for troubleshooting responsive layouts.

    If you come across a layout problem that you cannot resolve, please contact webstyle@anu.edu.au so that we can help you.

Request the change

  1. When you are satisfied that your website is appearing correctly in the version 4 styles, email webstyle@anu.edu.au with the name or ID of your site and tell us that you are ready to make the change in your production environment (ie live site). If you do not want it to happen immediately, please indicate the date and time you would like the change to occur.
  2. Wait for your confirmation email, and keep an eye on your site. Once the site appears in the new style, you can update settings_site.php and change the $qs_arg variable back to $qs_arg = ''; (reverting the temporary change you made in step 8 above).

We recommend a thorough review of the website after going live in the new style to make sure that it all still looks as you intended.

Updated:  7 June 2021/ Responsible Officer:  Director Marketing/ Page Contact:  Webstyle