Twitter styling

Twitter picture

Please refer to social media profile pictures for details.

Page format

To format your Twitter page to appear as ANU, set the following:

Select the cog at the top » Settings

  • Username= should be all lowercase and start with anu followed by an acronym, abbreviation or course code. Try to use no more than 12 characters.

Select the cog at the top » Settings » Profile

  • Picture = upload the PNG profile picture we supply.
  • Name = the full name of your feed/account, area, unit, school, etc. or the course name.
  • Location = City and Country eg Canberra, Australia
  • Website = Your specific ANU website or
  • Bio = Avoid such statements as The twitter feed of..., rather use a brief, descriptive sentence to explain the content/purpose of your tweets and include your division/college name and The Australian National University.

Select the cog at the top » Settings » Design

  • Background image = none
  • Background = #333333
  • Links = #4C6E78

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