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These icons apply to all social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as all online accounts, such as Skype. The ANU crest is reserved for ANU-wide presences only, such as the official ANU Facebook page. Please contact us to get a profile picture similar to the examples below - tell us what text you would like included in addition to ANU and what College you are affiliated with (if any) so that we can colour the graphic appropriately.

Twitter and Facebook profile pictures for ANU media, Crawford School, Law, APHCRI and MKTG3023, and LinkedIn icon for ANU Alumni

Cover images

Cover images are a great promotional space, and add colour and creativity to your page. These tips will help you get the most out of them:

  • Leverage the colour used in your profile icon to create continuity, and extend the association with the University or your college.
  • Please be aware of mobile device display differences - what looks great on desktop, may be lost or illegible if using a mobile device.
  • Add description text for all cover images, especially if it contains text.
  • If it is worth adding text to an image, it is worth letting everyone know. As such do not use the cover image alone to convey news or campaign activity as not all devices see the cover images nor do all users pay attention to them.
  • When adding text to a cover images, stick to short lines and avoid lists or multiple points.
  • Marketing Office provides profile icons and campaign toolkits which include cover images that can be used during campaign periods (such as Change of Preference and Open Day).

If you are unsure about cover images, please contact us with your questions.

Location of profile picture and cover image on Twitter

Location of profile picture and cover image on Twitter. Select image to enlarge.

Location of profile pircure and cover image on Facebook

Location of profile picture and cover image on Facebook. Select image to enlarge.

If you have an ANU Twitter account, please refer to Twitter styling for instructions on presentation.


There are two main ways you can use social media icons and links:

  1. Share: to allow the reader to share content on a social media site - this should only be done from individual pages within your website (such as news items).
  2. Follow: to link to your page or the official ANU page on a social media site so that your readers can follow you there - this should only be done from the homepage of your website or below the menu blocks

Social media icon links (such as those used on the ANU homepage) are also permitted in the menu area after the last menu block item.


Sharing should be achieved through the social networking share bar shown below. It is now delivered centrally, so if you would like to suggest any changes, please contact us.

<div class="anu-share noprint"></div>

Pinterest is special as it links to an image on the page, not the URL of the page. We can't automatically work out which image you want to use, so you will need to specify it using the data-anu-pinterest attribute as follows. You need to use the absolute URL to your image, including the server name. For example, to pin the 'graduate-w.jpg' image from the Web Publishing site:

<div class="anu-share noprint"


We have a large set of icons representing social media networking sites. Please ensure all icons are contained with the social-icons class, as this will resize them to 32 x 32 px. Smaller-sized icons are no longer being provided as they are difficult to use on mobiles. The selection below lists a few samples and example of use. Please contact us if you need access to additional icons.

<div class="social-icons">
   <a href="">
   <img src="//" alt="ANU on Facebook"/>

Copy the source code to use these links on your site.

If changing these to your own social media links, remember to update the alt and title tags.

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